Times like this call for some serious cat shaming. As you can guess, Layup approves of the NHL Lockout. Bad kitty! Oh, Pixie, you just don’t say that sort of thing! And Brando, how do you expect to get a good ROI on your social media campaigns? Silly kitty, you have to ENGAGE, so you can build social media brand equity!

UPDATE: Thanks to Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy blog for the mention in Puck Headlines.


I had another comic in mind for today, but after a bit of cat shaming of Nigel on Friday evening, inspiration struck.

cat shaming Nigel by Daniel J. Hogan on clattertron

“It’s not my fault they all look like toys.” Photo by me.

Yes, Stephanie and I bought a Christmas tree last week (well, she bought it, I just carried the box). Nigel, however, seems to think it is a Cat Toy Tree. He has gone after the ornaments, knocking them to the ground, and batting them around like cat toys. Therefore, I made my first attempt at cat shaming.

Then the wheels turned in my head. I thought, “A comic about ridiculous cat shaming would be fun to draw.” So, I sat down and wrote up a bunch of silly reasons to shame a cat (voter suppression might be my favorite). This was a good drawing exercise too, because I had to draw a few different cartoon cats.

The ‘Beatles are dying in order of importance’ bit comes from Dad (a Baby Boomer himself). It is one of his favorite things to say to wind-up his Paul McCartney loving siblings.

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