What do you mean you don’t have your own exploding body double? They are 75% off the day after Halloween.


My head did feel like it would explode after hearing Disney had bought LucasFilm, and with it, Star Wars.

Did it surprise me? Not in the least. The two have worked together for decades, through merchandise and projects (Star Tours, for one).

Am I upset? No. I’m excited to see what happens. Regardless of what Disney does, I don’t see it being any worse than what the brand has suffered through since the late 1990s (the one exception being the outstanding traditionally animated Clone Wars cartoon, circa 2003).

I threw in a few Star Wars and Disney references in this strip. Panel One is my attempt at ‘hyperspace lines.’ (A big improvement over last week’s ‘manga speed lines’). The body double is wearing a Han Solo like vest, and I drew a couple hidden Mickey’s. I will go back and add a few 3D dewbacks once the technology is available.

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