Have yourself a Merry Christmas, if you so chose. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then have a Merry Cthulhumas. Regular comics will resume next Monday–the last comic of 2012!

#This ‘comic’ is actually a slightly changed version of the Christmas card Stephanie and I sent out this year. I had fun drawing our card, and Stephanie loved it, which is all that matters. In fact, now she wants me to draw the Save the Dates and invitations for our wedding. Fine by me, as that will save us a little money.

She said no talking deer skulls though. Bummer.

For the cards we mailed, we had them printed at a printing place, and I was really happy with how they turned out. This was the first time I printed any of my comics, so I was a bit nervous. It was a good experiment, because if/when I get to the point of trying to sell books of strips, I now have an idea of how they will look.


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