And so we meet No Filter Fox. His inspiration is, well, myself.

I lack a filter at times [see this infamous example], which either leads to funny or awkward situations (or if I am lucky, both at once). I hope to do more with this character, and if I do, he joins the short list of reoccurring characters including: Guilt Trip Ghost, Anachronism Khan, Steph, and myself.

No Filter Fox’s outburst about Google Analytics was actually a joke that popped in my head–while in the shower (it happens). Being a fan of dumb jokes, I decided I needed to use it. But how? Then I thought, what if someone yelled it out, but at a strange place.

My first idea? A funeral. This is how my mind works.

I also totally relate to No Filter Fox’s plight in the last two panels. No respect, I tell ya.

Is it wrong that I chuckle every time I type analytics?

I’m really happy with how this strip turned out (especially all of No Filter Fox’s expressions). I experimented with thicker lines on the outside of the characters, and I think I will keep that going.

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