In the Seven Kingdoms of Thanksgiving, he would be known as King Drakerry, the Cruel.

This is, off the top of my head, my third comic to reference Game of Thrones (exhibit A, exhibit B). I debated doing a Thanksgiving themed comic strip at all, but then inspiration struck, and it was all down hill from there. I started with writing down aspects of Thanksgiving (food, family, betrayal), and I drew a turkey and an anthropomorphized pumpkin pie. This is how my brain works, I guess. For some reason, I gave the Thanksgiving turkey a crown, and from there my mind jumped to Game of Thrones.

Writing the script for this comic strip was challenging, because it was wordy (inking this one was a chore). After a few tries, I had a script I enjoyed, and drew a thumbnail of the layout. I think this comic was probably one of my more ambitious strips, and I’m glad I saw it through. I enjoy challenging myself.

Plus, I really wanted to draw a talking slice of pumpkin pie. If you want more Thanksgiving humor, check out my last two Amazon Enigmas (here and here).

Stephanie’s assessment of my Thanksgiving/Game of Thrones comic: “Once again, you have made a comic that only four people will appreciate.” This was after she said, “No one gets your Game of Thrones jokes.” Shrug. I know some folks will, and it makes it all worthwhile.


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