I can’t believe it took me this long to make a telepathic reptoid joke. The last panel wasn’t in my original script, but I became inspired to do something different at the last minute. Besides, I don’t draw enough prehistoric telepathic lizard people.

Observant readers (but not raptors) might recognize the shirt in the first panel, it is from the Words That Sound Like Other Words comic. I originally had something else, but I changed my mind during clean up in Photoshop. I also modeled the guy in panel three after Xerxes in the Whale Fail comic. Hooray for history jokes, especially history jokes about carrier pigeons and the telegraph.

If you think I am off-base with my telepathic reptoid gag, well, guess again. This historically accurate wall decal clearly shows a reptoid using telepathy–TO CONTROL DINOSAURS.

reptoid dinosaur poster

All I’m saying is, ALIENS. Image via Amazon.

So there.  Now, time to continue letting my smartphone poison my conscience like a glass and plastic Stormbringer, apparently.

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