Spring is just about here, which means eating outside, sunny afternoons, and savoring each fleeting second until Winter returns. I’m sure I’ll eat a fair amount of hotdogs and the occasional corn dog this spring and summer (or corndog as one word, whatever, who cares).

I need to draw more mutant food characters like the corn dog in today’s comic. It was a lot of fun to go crazy for a change. Well. Crazier.

See Me This Saturday: I’m appearing at Clem’s Comics and Games in downtown Lansing this Saturday (8 AM to 11 AM) for Free Comic Book Day! I am selling comics, prints, sketches, and sketch cards. Like all the other artists attending Clem’s Free Comic Book Day event, I will draw free sketches for kids.

OK, back to talking about food.

I prefer Detroit style chili dogs over either regular hot dogs or corn dogs–preferably using Koegel’s viennas. Mmm, chili dogs. I don’t eat chili dogs as much as I used to, but I will treat myself to one once in a while. When you grow up near Detroit like I did, chili dogs are part of the food pyramid.

koegel viennas

Snap! Image via Amazon.

Folks who don’t live in Michigan or the mid-west may not know the joy of Koegel’s. Give ’em a try if you can, especially freshly cooked over a camp fire. Yum. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Koegel’s corn dog, but I’m sure such a thing would be super tasty.

Warmer weather also means time for ice cream. OK, not really, as I consider ice cream a year round treat (don’t judge). The only difference in the summer is, I will eat ice cream outside. Maybe, depending on the heat.

Maybe I should draw a mutant ice cream cone for a future comic. Like I need an excuse to draw something weird.

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