If you get the cherry pie à la Mode, the Mode is actually a scoop of poison. No high fructose corn syrup though. Words with double meanings can be pretty dangerous.


This was originally going be a basic rectangle panel set up, but after I drew the panels, I was inspired to try a pie shape. After tracing the last remaining clean plate in the apartment¹, I had my pie shape. My lines might not be 100% perfect, but I feel that mirrors how I usually cut pies: less than perfect.²

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¹ Stephanie is out of town for the weekend, so my standards of living have dropped considerably. I’m surprised I haven’t burned the place down yet. A goat managed to get inside somehow. I locked him in Stephanie’s bathroom and feed him pizzas under the door.

² Actually, I don’t even cut pies. I just eat the whole thing with a fork.

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