Relax Treebeard. The text in the first two panels are from a section of The Two Towers I found unintentionally hilarious. I don’t know why, but the mental image of Treebeard yelling, “Down with Saruman!” because he couldn’t think of anything angry enough to say made me giggle. This is my first Lord of the Rings inspired comic in a long time. I drew a The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey inspired comic last winter, but that’s totally different.

As I mentioned in October, I’m re-reading the Lord Of The Rings trilogy for the first time since the films were released (and only my second read through ever). I’m enjoying the books much more this time around, perhaps in part to watching the films so many times, but also I’m not in college like during my first read through. Reading for fun in college is a challenge, because there is so much course reading (and projects) to be done. I’m sure I read more books for fun last year than all seven five years I spent in college.

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