Oh, Dune and it’s many incarnations. There’s the original Frank Herbert novel¹, the David Lynch film, the mini-series, and the Jodorowsky film that never was². Also, the video games like Dune II (which is the reason I became addicted to the Civilization games later in life).

Today’s comic draws inspiration from the David Lynch film version of Dune. Deal with it. I spent a lot of time researching for this comic, mainly the hunter-seeker in the third panel, the emperor’s name, and the look of our ill-fated roaster.

Long time readers will recall this is not my first Dune comic. Even longer readers might think this roaster looks similar to one in Westeros.

¹ Which I did read, along with the next two books, but many years ago.

² The documentary on his never made film is highly recommended.

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