The second panel is actually something I heard an adult say while Stephanie and I attended a parking lot flea market this fall. OK, I added the part about the stone age, but that’s it. (They did say “Where are we?!”)

Speaking of VHS, my trusty VHS player died recently. It was a sad day. For me. Stephanie asked why I even still had a VHS player. For all my old MST3K episodes I taped off TV in the 90’s. DUH.

Also my VHS Record of Lodoss War collection. Kids today will never know the experience of playing $20 each for an imported, dubbed anime VHS tape in a pre-YouTube society. (I think my six tape Record of Lodoss War set cost around $100 at a Media Play in the late 1990s.).

Update: RIP, David Bowie. I just found out a couple of hours ago, and it is quite the blow. Couldn’t begin to guess how many hours I’ve spent listening to his music. Here’s a comic I did with a Bowie reference.

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