This representation of my needing a haircut is not much of an exaggeration. My wild hair looks like the bizarre love hair-child of Yahoo Serious in Young Einstein and that guy from Ancient Aliens. With a wedding on the horizon, fiscal responsibility is on Stephanie and my mind each and every day. Well, except for the days when we need chocolate, which are only days that end in Y ::inhales dust from that joke, sneezes::.

My hair, as previously shown, becomes very wavy and curly as it grows. It doesn’t grow long, so much as out and up.


For the ‘hair’ shading in the third panel, I used a Speedball Crow Quill with a bottle of ink. I picked up a pen and ink kit on a whim at a art supply store a month or so ago, but had not used it for a comic–until today. I usually use Micron pens or Faber-Castell Pitt pens (recommended to me on Twitter by Wes Molebash) for inking, which I love.¹ Using the quill was fun though, although it has a very different feel–plus their is the whole fear of spilling the open bottle of ink. I look forward to experimenting with the quill pen again soon, especially for lettering.

¹ The Faber-Castell pens are very much growing on me, I find myself using them more than my Microns as of late.

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