And so begins a new Clattertron chapter. Today’s comic is part one of my first attempt at a long form, serial story comic. It’s fantasy and humor mixed together (but not an adaptation of my novel The Magic of Eyri). Foxes and Boxes will be different, but a lot of it will be familiar (the humor, and No Filter Fox for example).

There is a separate Foxes and Boxes Facebook page, but everything will still be linked on the Clattertron page like before. (The name was available, so I figured why not?) Also redirects to (I might switch this to redirect to this first page eventually).

I plan on making some other changes to the website soon, to reflect this new comic. Minor tweaks, mostly cosmetic (new navigation buttons, a new cast page, and so on). None of the old comics are going anywhere either.

So, enjoy Foxes and Boxes. An all-ages fantasy humor story about two less-than-great adventurers: Fox and his cat mage pal, Boxes. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Foxes & Boxes – 1

A mountainside at night.
Narrator: Let us travel to a land far away…

A closer shot of the mountain. A red door is visible.
Narrator: A place not on any map…

The door is clearly visible now, one side is open. There are signs and a path.
Narrator: Full of magic, adventure…

Door in the side of the mountain is shown. One side is open. Signs are on either side of the door. They read: Secret Goblin Hideout. Keep out! No: Adventurers, solicitors without cookies.
Narrator: …And a misunderstanding of what “secret” means, apparently.

Hovertext: Cookies *can* open a lot of doors. More than you think, actually.

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