Today we meet some foils for Fox and Boxes: Weasel and Trinkets. When I was trying to come up with names for an “opposite” version of our dynamic duo, “Weasel and Trinkets” just popped in my head. So, I went with that, because. That’s how I do, as the saying goes.

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Speaking of wasting time (nice transition), I joined Magic: The Gathering Online over the weekend. I’m danieljhogan on there, surprise surprise. I’m ready to play, with my collection of free commons. As of this typing, I’ve only played one game against a real person–but I had fun. It’s one more game against a real person than I’ve played since Extra Life in early November.

What got me to give MTGO a shot was, I really love the deck building process, but sorting through my hundreds of cards is a chore when I’m inspired to build a deck. MTGO tracks everything and building a deck is much easier–and faster.

Thankfully, I learned about some MTGO trade bots which give players free cards (usually once a day, week, or month), so that already added to my collection (I got around one thousand “free” cards when I signed up).

Sure, my collection online is just junk commons, but I’ve always liked the challenge of building a deck with what I have on hand. (And in my first game, I went up against a deck with some high-priced power cards, and I won).

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