And today we meet the “heroes” of this story: Fox (in red, obviously) and Boxes the cat mage (in purple). Come back next Monday for more nonsense with these two.

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I enjoyed drawing all of the silly goblin faces and bodies for this one. I think that many goblins is called a “flood” of goblins. Sure, why not? Whenever I think of a flood of goblins, that scene in Gremlins where they all run down the city street pops in my head.


Foxes & Boxes – 2

Boxes, blue mage cat, runs out of a cavern inside the goblin cave.
Narrator: A cave full of goblins—what could go wrong?
SFX: Zip!

Fox runs after Boxes, carrying a small treasure chest.
SFX: Woosh!

The cavern sits empty. A single drop of water falls from the ceiling.
SFX: Drip!

A flood of goblins pours out of the cavern, filling the entire frame. They are carrying various weapons. A goblin king wearing a crown yells and points.
Goblin king: Get them!
Narrator: Ah, yes. That.

Hovertext: More like cave of “blunders.”

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