Poor Boxes. She can’t get no respect, not unlike a certain rapper. Those who have noticed my frequent jokes about “communications majors” can probably guess I am one myself. It’s true! I do have a minor in advertising too like Boxes, but not necromancy. The latter would be more helpful these days, I think. I could start a business like Michael J. Fox in The Frighteners or make the ghost of Walt Kelly draw my comics for me.

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simpsons communications

I’ll be over here crying.

Yes, that’s Deer Skull in panel two. I’ve always planned on throwing in old Clattertron characters when possible (and some might become Foxes & Boxes regulars).

Also, I needed a name for the public relations place where Boxes was interviewing, so when in doubt make a jokey reference to a friend’s local PR firm (go communications majors!). The one-eyed thing interviewing Boxes is not supposed to be my friend, however. I drew everything first and decided I need a name after. So there!

Wow, twenty-five pages of Foxes & Boxes already! Plenty more to go. I hope, at least. If you are enjoying the story so far, please consider supporting my comic making via Patreon. You get fun stuff!

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