Yes, interviewing for anything is terrible. Except when it’s being interviewed on a high quality podcast like Montreal Sauce! Speaking of, I’m a guest this week! You should be able to listen to the live stream this Thursday evening at 9 PM EST (or as I say “Michigan Time” aka “The Best Time”). Great segue! Hash tag NAILED IT

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Today we learn a bit more about Fox’s past and how he came to be a member of the adventuring guild Hammer’s Nails. Nothing like having a job lined up right after graduation. Hooray for nepotism!

We also learn (again) Boxes has a temper, and it ain’t a good idea to upset her. Or any mage, really. However, I imagine fireballing something helps with stress. Maybe I should add a flamethrower to my wish list. Or just play another Dragon Age video game as a mage.

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