I can’t decide if Fox has the worst concept of advertising or the best. I did study some advertising in school, but only as part of a combo-minor with public relations. So, I learned the basics, and rest I had to learn via the moving picture or the printed word.

You may notice below I included the transcript for today’s comic. I’m going to do that going forward, as it helps with search engine optimization and what-not. Plus it means you could search for a comic if you only remember a line of text. I haven’t decided if I will also type up what is going on in the panel yet, although I did this with earlier comics. I probably will if it is important. I’m in the process of doing this for the older Foxes & Boxes comics. Hooray! Backtracking.

Some good news! I’ve picked up three new patrons on Patreon this month, including two in the past couple of weeks. I only need on more patron and I can pay it forward to another artist again. Surely you have a dollar (or more) a month you can throw my way? For less than a basic Netflix membership, you can support my comics and in turn I can pay it forward to another artist.

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Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 29

Boxes: How do we even start a guild?!
Fox: Not important!

Fox: But I know what is!

Fox: Advertising!

Boxes: But we don’t have anything to advertise!
Fox: That never stopped anyone before!

Fox: Didn’t you learn about advertising as part of your communications minor?

Boxes: No! I learned about advertising in necromancy!

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