Boxes means well. Usually. I’ll be honest, if I could let loose with fireballs at will, I would do it a lot too. Confined spaces or not. Only if I could yell “FIREBALL!” though. Because, if I can’t, then what’s the point?

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This was the comic featured in the Lansing State Journal, except for the final panel (I had to save something for my darling readers online, right?).

I’m looking forward to letting Boxes loose more magic upon this world soon. Can’t let those mage robes (and pointy hat) go to waste.

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Foxes & Boxes – 3

Boxes skids to a stop in the cave.
Boxes: Enough running!

Boxes cracks her knuckles. A halo of green light surrounds her body and her eyes change shape.
Boxes: It is magic time!

Boxes holds out her hands and yells, a fireball shoots from her hands. Fox stands behind and yells.
Boxes: Fireball!
Fox: Not in a cave!

Fox and Boxes walk out of the goblin cave, covered in soot. Smoke pours out of the cave entrance in the background.
Narrator: Who ordered two adventurers, well done?

Hovertext: How you feelin’? HOT HOT HOT

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