Blinky here is my answer to “what would a fantasy world version of a print shop look like?” Printing presses could be a thing in the world of Foxes & Boxes, I haven’t decided, really. But! Here’s a fun solution for now. Very Flintstones, I know (“It’s a living!”).

I hate to admit this, but I’ve been in Fox’s spot a few times in my life as an indie creator. Misteaks hapnn.

Thanks again to my pal Steve Jencks for designing the Foxes & Boxes logo for me. It might look like I’m making fun of it here, but I’m not–just poking fun at the name I came up with for this crazy comic. Trivia: at one point, this comic was almost called Fox & Boxes, but I liked how Foxes & Boxes sounded more. I also wasn’t planning on using the comic name for the guild name at the start either.

Always fun when you can have an in universe explanation for the title of the comic and the business or whatever. Y’know, like Gunsmith Cats or G.I. Joe.

Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 30

Narrator: And so…
A path leads to a building, the sign says Blinky’s Copies.

Fox is inside the building and slaps a piece of paper onto the counter. Blinky, a green, floating being with multiple arms and eyes is behind the counter.
Fox: Copy this!
SFX: Slap!

Blinky gets to work making Fox’s copies.

Narrator: And so!
Fox: The ads are ready!
Fox holds up a copy of their guild ad for Boxes.

Boxes looks over the ad.
Boxes: This isn’t right!

A view of the ad. It has the Foxes & Boxes logo with the text, “Adventurer Guild” “We’ll do anything!” “Cheap!” “Satisfaction guaranteed?” and “No refunds.”
Boxes: Our names should be possessive!

Fox: Um.

Boxes: This is just a test copy right?
Fox: Uh.

Fox stands in front of a pile of boxes filled with copies of the ad.
Fox: Don’t worry about it!

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