Hey look, Guildchief Hammer and Lindsey are back. Just in time for a spit take too (seems like a waste of green tea). Hopefully Hammer didn’t break her “#1 Grandma” mug. That would be a shame.

This week’s comic is my first using Clip Studio Paint‘s “panel” tool. I realize it might be jarring, but I like the change. It makes paneling faster, and I like the crisper lines. It will be awhile before you see what’s down the road, but it really helped me with later comics (I inked pages 38, 39, and 40 over the weekend).

My comics are always evolving and I decided to tweak how the panels look. Yes, I realize this means I lose some of my uniqueness, but it makes my pages look a bit more professional (and I need all of the help I can get).

It also helps with placing my URLs in the gutters too, because all the lines are straight. No more adjusting stuff after I paste them!

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Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 32

Lindsey: Chief! Ya gotta read this!

Hammer takes a sip of tea and reads the Foxes & Boxes ad.
Hammer: If this is another complaint about ‘hot food’ in the barracks–

Hammer spits out her tea.
SFX: Spit take

Hammer: Their own guild?! Fox and Boxes can’t be serious!

Hammer reads the ad again.

Hammer: I wish I thought of ‘no refunds’ in small print.
Lindsey looks down at her tea covered clothing.
Lindsey: Yeah.

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