Yes, Troy’s Bucket is a reference to the film The Goonies. But here in the Foxyverse (sure), it’s a tavern. Troy’s Bucket has always been a fall-back ‘fake place name’ for me. I’ve used it in other stories, here and there, over the years. When in doubt, make references to 1980s films for children. Maybe the next tavern will be called something from Adventures in Babysitting, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, or Aliens.

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Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 35

Boxes runs to the tavern, Troy’s Bucket.

A sign hangs over a door, it reads Troy’s Bucket: eats – dranks

Fox: What took you so–

old man: You came!

old man: So, ’bout this here job–

Boxes: We’ll do it!

old man: Great!

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