Look out, backstory coming through! I survived my whirlwind weekend of Arts Night Out and Free Comic Book Day. Thanks to everyone who came out, and thank you to Piper & Gold Public Relations and Summit Comics & Games for hosting local artists. I’m glad I scheduled a massage for the weekend after those events, because I’m gonna need it (especially my drawing hand and arm).

Behind the Scenes:  see my original drawing for this comic and more on Patreon

If you live in Lansing, I go to Bee Queener Massage Therapy. Bee is great, and a fan of comics. One of my best decisions in 2017 was to get a massage once a month. It not only helps with stress, but with the aches and pains associated with drawing.

ANYWAY, back to comics.

My appearance schedule is light the rest of the summer, with my next (confirmed) event being Capital City Comic Con here in Lansing. Yes, sadly, I had to skip Cherry Capital Comic Con this time around. Getting the house last May really ate into my savings, so I had to scale back this convention season (things I didn’t have to do in an apartment: buy a drain snake or drop $200 on a dehumidifier).

I may add another show in the fall. I’m waiting to hear if I got in Megga XP or not (it’s another somewhat local show, so no hotel). I was on the wait list for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, but after a lot of thought I asked to be taken off the list. I will apply again next year though.

(For most shows, it isn’t the cost of the table, it’s the travel/hotel costs which keep me from going)

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Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 36

Old Man: Don’t worry this job will be easy for the son of the Twin Tails!

Old Man: I watched yer parents slay the fire giants who attacked Woodhope!

Old Man: The folk of Woodhope still sing about that day!

Old Man: yer ma was an artist wit’ her swords!

Old Man: it was what all of Wynklevale talked ’bout until spring!

Old Man: So, how are yer ma an’ pa these days?

Fox: I don’t know.

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