Boxes wants it on record that she is NOT a thief, OK? Despite her knowing how to take out a locked door with ease. It’s just one of those things you pick up at mage school, y’know between studying for the necromancy exam.

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Speaking of thieves and the like, I read Road to Perdition last week. The graphic novel, not the movie with the guy from The ‘Burbs. I saw the movie, years ago, but didn’t remember much beyond the broad strokes and the comic being a Lone Wolf and Cub homage. I enjoyed the comic, as it had a very unique art style, which fit the gritty story, I think.

Give Lone Wolf and Cub a read too. It is gorgeous, and even though I don’t get all the cultural stuff at times, it’s a captivating read.

One the other end of the comic spectrum, in terms of tone at least, I picked up Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula from the library. It’s cute! And funny! The title caught my eye and I decided to give it a read (I’m eager to read anything which is remotely in the same genre/style of what I’m doing with Foxes & Boxes). Hooray for my local library having an amazing comic book and graphic novel selection.

I think this week’s comic is the last one before I really started paying attention to my panel count. This doesn’t mean I won’t have a page with eight, nine, or ten panels in the future. I will, I’m sure. But, I’ll be more mindful of when I do so. Today’s page is another example of one I could have probably split into two pages, with panels one through four being their own page.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes – 40

fox: can you pick the lock?

boxes: me?! I’m a mage not a thief!

boxes: didn’t you learn how at the adventurer academy?

fox: wooooooo

fox: uh, I was sick that semester.

boxes: sigh, step aside!

SFX: Freeze

SFX: Smash

SFX: Creak

boxes: after you!

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