NOTE: I accidentally posted this comic out of order and a week early. Everything is fixed now. This was meant as number 42, not 41. Sorry for the mix up!

There’s nothing to worry about here. Nope. Nothing wrong with a pair of eyes appearing in a dark doorway, following our heroes. You might notices Fox and Boxes look a shade darker here. Because they’re in the dark! For now! It was a fun experiment.

Speaking of experiments, this is the first comic page where I really paid attention to the number of panels. I decided, yes, I could do this page in only four panels. This doesn’t mean I’m only doing four panel pages like this going forward. Sure, there will be more, but I won’t be sticking to a strict four panel layout.

Not only does this speed up my page pace, it means I can draw bigger. Yes, there isn’t much going on in this page, but I liked having the extra room here, especially for the first panel. Now, as I said before, this doesn’t mean I won’t ever do a page with nine, ten, or more panels in the future. I’m sure I will. These longer pages will be more of a “special occasion” sort of thing.

In other comic news, Stephanie and I saw the musical play Fun Home last week at the Wharton Center in East Lansing (part of Michigan State University). I won Fun Home tickets at an MSU Comics Forum event, and boy was it a great show. I ended up buying the original graphic novel by Alison Bechdel.

Fun Home is a very powerful, well done musical. I really enjoyed the story and the music. I’ve probably finished reading the Fun Home graphic novel by the time this publishes, because I tear through comics like snapping twigs. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the graphic novel just as much, if not more so.

Next up in my comic reading list: Smile and Lost at Sea. Hooray!

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes – 42

Boxes: Shhh.
Fox: I am shhh

sfx: CRASH
Boxes: Fox!

Fox: Who stacks empty fish bowls in an empty hallway?!

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