Cue the spooky music! My (all-too-brief) summer break is over, and we’re back with our fuzzy heroes as they explore and old mansion. Remember, they’ve been tasked to get rid of a pesky elemental spirit.

Although, it looks like the spirit might have found them first.

Behind the Scenes:  see my original drawing for this comic and more on Patreon

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this month, check out my Instagram (I’m @clattertron on there). Otherwise, catch up on my new attempt at regular blogging here, Thought Bubbles. They’re short blog posts (300-500 words) about different things on my mind which I didn’t think would make a long enough blog post on their own.

That’s right kids, Google and other SEO what-have-you’s like blog posts 300 words or longer. This is also my attempt at trying to post less things to social media, and instead create more content for my own website. Will it work? Who knows!

I posted a quick comic I drew about our vacation to Patreon. I’ll make it public eventually, but patrons can read it now. It’s probably only funny if you are from Michigan or another Great Lakes state. I enjoyed making a comic in “the old way” right in my sketchbook. That’s right, just pencil, pen, and watercolor paint. Nothing digital at all. I don’t plan on switching Foxes & Boxes to an analog style anytime soon (it would be way too much work for these kind of comics).

However, I may do short one-offs of random comics and post them to Patreon (which patrons get to see first, just like the new comics here). These would just be three-four panel comics, nothing fancy (if and when I actually do them).

Anyway, it’s good to be back! Enjoy today’s comic. I’ve trying to be more active on Instagram lately, so give me a follow if you can. I like posting sketches and “process photos” to my Stories, which you only see if you are a follower.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes 44:

Fox: I hope finding this elemental doesn’t take long.

Elemental: It won’t.

Fox: Good!

Boxes: Huh?

Fox: You said ‘it won’t.’

Boxes: No I didn’t!

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