There’s nothing wrong with a glowing book kept in a glass case. Nope! Nothing wrong at all. The weird fish motif isn’t something to worry about either. Nah. Strange books never lead to anything bad.

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The countdown to (probably) my last appearance of 2017 continues: MeggaXP is on Saturday, September 23rd in Jackson, Michigan. Come see me! I’m giving some very strong thought to shaking up how I do my Random Cartoons starting with MeggaXP. My Random Cartoons will still be based on dice rolls, but I’m thinking of something different. I might try a method where you roll 2d12s (that’s two 12-sided dice for you Normals) instead of 4d6 (four six-sided dice).

Why this method? I have a “mashup” list on an app I use to get random ideas for warm-up drawings, and I’m really enjoying myself (the app randomizes the list and I look at the top two words). I like the idea of sticking to just two words as well. I feel like I get better, and funnier, drawings when I only have two words to focus on.

Also, if I two lists of 12 items, there’s less of a chance of repeating the same words. There’s been a few events this year where I felt like I was always drawing one or two of the same words every time.

We’ll see. I need to workshop my new Random Cartoons idea soon (and then redo my sign if I go this route).

Besides, I can always switch back to the old way if the new method didn’t work out. I might just end up tweaking how the words are arranged in my current system. You can see some examples of my Random Cartoons on the Clattertron Facebook Page (I need to update this album, by the way).

Ah, the joys of cartooning.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes – 51

::Boxes sees an old, glowing book. It’s cover is made of stitched, scaly skin.::

Boxes: What a pretty book!

::Boxes reaches for the case::

Boxes: I’m sure Kane won’t mind if I borrow it!

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