If I can figure out a good design, I would be up for having “I have a book and I’m not afraid to use it” on a shirt. That’s a plan for another day, however. I can relate to Boxes here. I always have books, and I’m not afraid to use them.

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Recent reads include Live By Night and In Cold Blood, which puts me at 50 books read for this year so far.

live by night book

There’s a lot of hats in this book. Image via Amazon.

Now, a good part of those 50 reads are graphic novels, but most of them are hundreds of pages long (especially the Akira volumes). I don’t feel bad for counting any of those. Nope.

in cold blood book

It is pretty gripping. Image via Amazon.

I read In Cold Blood very quickly, in about a week, I think to the day. How do I know? I keep a spreadsheet, something I started this year. I used to use Goodreads, but I got tired of the app and decided to do things on my own. I track the title, author, date started, date finished, author gender (I’m trying to read more books/comics by women), genre, and if it’s prose or a graphic novel.

What’s my current read? This may seem odd following my two previous reads above, but it is The Ever After.

ever after book

There’s a cat! Image via Amazon.

I found this one in my neighborhood’s Little Free Library, and decided Why Not. I like a good young reader fantasy story (heck I wrote one). Living near a Little Free Library definitely helped up my number of reads this year, and it got me to read books I probably wouldn’t normally read or at least wouldn’t think about reading (Live By Night was another find).

I try to read as much and as many things as possible.

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 53

::the elemental sneaks under the door::
Elemental: Ha ha ha
Fox: S-stay away!

::the elemental rears up in front of Fox::
Elemental: Ha ha ha

(off panel) Boxes: Stop!
::elemental and Fox become still::

::elemental and Fox turn to face Boxes::

::Boxes is standing in the doorway, holding a book::
Boxes: I have a book and I’m not afraid to use it!

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