It’s never a good idea to make Boxes angry. Or any mage, really.

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Hey! I finished my 100 Positive Things project, finally. It took more than 100 days, but  at least finished. You can see them all on my Instagram or the Clattertron Facebook page.


What’s next? Inktober! I did this a few years ago, and decided to give it another go. It will be easier than my 100 Positive Things project, so why not? Like with the 100 Positive Things, I’m not really going to post them here. Check out my Instagram and the Clattertron Facebook page.

What is Inktober? Every day in October I make an ink drawing and post it online. Easy. I think my focus this time around will be Random Cartoons like I do at comic cons. It will certainly help take the guess-work out of deciding what to draw.

My plan is to make the drawings on 4″ x 6″ paper and sell them. Yes, this means I’m planning on dusting off my Etsy shop.


Other news: I decided to start blogging on instead of here. Specifically, I’m going to try writing reviews of art supplies and tech I use. Clattertron isn’t really set up as blog friendly, that’s just a fact. I decided to focus on comics here and reviews on I will still write posts here about important updates and appearances, however.

There’s going to be some growing pains over on until I get everything the way I want, but that’s web design for you. I don’t know how often I write reviews at first either. However, since some of my most read blog posts here this year I wrote three to four years ago, I don’t think it matters.

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 54

Elemental: And do what?
Boxes: Banish you!

::the elemental gets close to Boxes and examines her::

::The elemental floats away, unconcerned::
Elemental: I doubt it.

Elemental: You are not the mage you think you are.
::Boxes is shocked, hurt::

::Boxes’ body glows with magical power and she is angry. She flips open the book::

Fox: Uh oh!

::Fox turns to the elemental::
Fox: Now you’ve done it!

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