Well, that brings a new meaning to SPELLING ERROR. You gotta be careful with magic.

Behind the Scenes:  see my original drawing for this comic and more on Patreon

Hey! Like video? I posted two new videos to danieljhogan.com last week. Both are about Inktober. The first is me inking a drawing and the second is me painting the finished drawing. They were originally recorded live on Facebook, but now you can watch them when you want! Give them a watch.

I want to do more video on danieljhogan.com and on a regular basis. That site is better suited for blogging, while Clattertron isn’t really, because of the latest comic being the focus on the front page. I like having a site I can link to where my latest blog post is front and center.

I’m figuring out the email update situation for danieljhogan.com still. I could merge the feeds for here and there into a single email list, but I think I will keep them separate for now (there are times I post the same thing on both sites).

In reading about comics news, I read Kirby: King of Comics last week, and I highly recommend it. Read it today!

Kirby: King of Comics is a biography of comic artist legend, Jack Kirby. The book is full of great stories about Kirby and lots of gorgeous images of his drawings and comic pages. It’s a fast read because of all the pages devoted to art, but well worth your time. I really enjoyed learning more about this master of the comic page.

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 56

::Fox and Boxes are laying on the ground among the ruins of the mansion. The ruins are still smoking and smoldering.::
Fox and Boxes: Ugh…

Fox: What happened?!

Boxes: I mighta messed up a word…

Fox: A word?!
Boxes: Give or take a dozen.
Boxes: Thirteen tops.

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