It looks like that pesky elemental is not so big and bad now, huh? HUH?!

Behind the Scenes:  see my original drawing for this comic and more on Patreon

By the way, I’m in the middle of overhauling at the moment (I could *maybe* be finished by the time this publishes, but not expecting such a thing). My blogging will be taking place there, save for announcements about appearances and the like, which will be here too. The new site will also feature a portfolio of my cartooning and comics. It will also have its own mailing list (not set up yet).

What will I be blogging about on My plan is to do more video (drawing, etc) and to write reviews of art supplies and tech I use to make comics and cartoons. You can see a few posts in this vein on the old version of at

Why the change?

About ten ago, when I first learned WordPress, I set it up on in a sub-directory (the “/home” folder) and had a redirect pointing visitors there. This worked, but was not ideal in the end. Picture previews on sites like Facebook don’t work because of this. Worse still, I tested an RSS-email via MailChimp and had the same result: no media would show up (pictures or video).

I decided the time came to just “nuke the site from orbit” as the saying goes and start from zero. To some extent. I plan on importing most of my old blog posts to the new build, but this means any old links to the posts won’t work. I’ll probably keep the /home version around for a bit to make the transition easier, but I plan to shut it down eventually for the sake of simplicity.

I’m by no means building the new site completely from scratch. After a week or so of searching for a new premium WordPress theme, I found one with a lot of versatility I liked. The other plus: the new theme has responsive design, so it will look good on any device.

I’m actually enjoying piecing together my new site, but it is laborious and tedious. It will pay big dividends, however. There’s even a built-in plugin which allows me to apply number ratings for review posts. It will look pretty sharp in the end, but it’s a bit of an ugly duckling at the moment.

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 57

(off panel): Cough

Fox and Boxes: The elemental!

::Fox and Boxes run towards the sound of the elemental. Fox picks up a piece of wood to use as a weapon, Boxes readies a spell::

::They come upon the elemental to see it tiny and weakened::
Elemental: Cough

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