I think Fox is channeling a bit of Old Han Solo from The Force Awakens in panel six.

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Some fun news: I have a YouTube channel now for my videos on danieljhogan.com. Speaking of, the updates on the new danieljhogan.com continues, but I’m making progress. Really, all I have left to do is finish importing the old blog posts from the previous version of the site. It isn’t difficult, just tedious (especially finding posts I don’t really care about moving over).

Still, the pros outweigh the cons. I have a fancy new blog site with responsive design. Combine that with much better video embeds from YouTube, and things are looking great. (The Facebook video embeds were not responsive to different devices)

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 60

Fox: Why?

Elemental: I was summoned here to protect this place. And I failed.

Fox: So…you’re out of a job?

Boxes: I could use a familiar!
Fox: It won’t pay much.

Elemental: I’m a talking cloud from another plane of existence. I don’t care about money.
Fox: You’re hired!

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