If we learned anything from Arrested Development, it’s that you should always leave a note. So, Fox and Boxes (and Cloudy) are doing the right thing here. Sure!

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If you missed the update this weekend, my Etsy shop is open once again. Check it out, and use the code BUYITALL17 to get 20% off and free shipping. The code expires tomorrow!

Check out my wife Steph’s Etsy shop too.

My convention schedule for 2018 is starting to fill up so far. I’ve already officially added two shows: Capital City Comic Con and the Get Geek’d Entertainment Expo. Both are right here in Lansing, so that’s exciting. I love local shows.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes 62:

Fox and Boxes: Kane!

Boxes: We should do something!

Fox: Yeah!

Kane: Ugh
::a note pinned to Kane’s shirt reads, “No Refunds!” ::

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