Oh boy, cue the dramatic music! What do you mean all we have is Funky Town? Sigh. Go ahead.

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Good news (everyone): I’m running another Etsy sale. This time it is 15% of for the first 15% days of December. Grab some original art while you can! Just in time for [insert holiday] too! No codes to worry about this time. The sale is on all of my Inktober and 100 Positive Things cartoons.

If you missed last week’s update on danieljhogan.com, I posted another review video. Give it a watch. It’s also the first review post to make use of the fancy “reviews” plugin installed with danieljhogan.com’s new WordPress theme. My blog posts over there have their own newsletter list. (I decided to keep things separate, because there are times I have to post the same thing on both sites).

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 63

Boxes: Who summoned you to guard Kane’s house anyway?

Cloudy: I don’t remember.

Fox: Her spell really messed you up, huh?

Cloudy: Yes.

Cloudy: But…I remember…something.

Cloudy: That was not HIS house.

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