I’m sure this will be fine.

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Speaking of things being fine, Patreon changed its mind and will not roll out its new planned fee structure (it was supposed to start today). This is great news! The new plan, which I wrote about, was Not Great.

For the moment, the fee structure stays as it was. All signs point to Patreon making some kind of change eventually, but at least they learned their lesson. The purposed plan would have basically killed low-level reward tiers, like $1 a month.

Anyway, I’m glad this is over. I’m thinking about adding more things to my reward tiers in 2018, too.

If you’re a fan, consider becoming one of my patrons today!

Hi New Email Buddies

I’ve noticed a lot of new subscribers to ye old Clattertron email list recently. Thank you! I don’t know if you are coming here from the Foxes & Boxes page on Line Webtoon or not, but I appreciate your subscription.

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Comic Transcript

Foxes & Boxes – 65:

Kane: The book!

::Kane clears a path through the mansion wreckage to the remains of the library. He sees an empty glass case.::

Kane: Gone?! But how?!

::Kane sees and reads the note Fox and Boxes left attached to his chest::
::Kane gets angry::


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