Do you know how much will power it took to not just make page 69 a single panel with the word, “Nice”? A lot, lemme tell you.

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I’ve been working on making more new watercolor cartoons. And they should be up in my Esty shop by now. I want to have a bunch of pieces finished before the end of the month. Why? I’m going to try to apply to a few different opportunities. I’ll post more details once I actually submit stuff. Stephanie, my wife, is pushing herself to apply for more things. Which in turn means she’s pushing me to apply for more stuff too.

You can see some of Stephanie’s work hanging up at the Arts Council of of Greater Lansing this month.

It’s exciting. Stressful. But exciting. I’ve had to redo my daily routine to get back into (nearly) my Inktober habit. In October, I cranked out a new cartoon every day. I fell off the horse in November and December (thanks to holidays, shoveling snow in the mornings, getting a cold, and playing Fallout: New Vegas).

So far, so good. I finished two new cartoons last week, and sketched out rough ideas for several more.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes – 69

Goblin: The only think I brought is revenge!

Cloudy: For what?

Goblin: They stole from us and burned down our cave!

Boxes: Oh c’mon! I didn’t burn down a cave with one fireball!

Goblin: OK, fine. But getting soot of stalactites is a pain!

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