Fox, Boxes, and Cloudy aren’t in any position to be shocked by Gravy’s name.

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Some News

I’m teaching another WordPress class this Friday for the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. This is a free class for dues paying members, so sign up if that’s you. I’ll go over the basics of and general WordPress/blogging/website stuff. It’s a lot to take in for a three-hour class, but we’ll have some fun. There will be cat videos. Here’s the Facebook event page.

I’m not helping folks make a site start to finish in three hours. Nope. Just covering the steps they’ll need to get started making their own in WordPress.

Etsy Update

I added a new watercolor cartoon to my Etsy Shop. I’m working a new series, which I’m calling Monster Portraits at the moment. Here’s the first.

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Comic Transcript – Foxes & Boxes – 70

Goblin: My king tasked me with finding you!

Goblin: “I have a mission for you, my dear Gravy,” he said—

Fox, Boxes, Cloudy: Gravy?!

Goblin/Gravy: It was my father’s name!

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