Oh no, not a 1-star GROWL review! More on that next week.

Behind the Scenes:  see my original drawing for this comic and more on Patreon

If you came out to see me at the REO Town Marketplace Winter Artisan Pop Up, thank you! Between that and teaching another WordPress class on Friday, I had a busy weekend. Saturday was my first ever pop up event, and it went great! I’ll try to do more in the future.

The next appearance on my calendar, so far, is the MSU Comics Forum in February. This is a free show, so please come check it out! It is in a different location this year on campus, it will be at the Main Library. I’m excited to see how things go with this new venue.

I’m even more excited for this year’s creator keynote with Lucy Knisley! I’ve followed her work for years, even going all the way back to her LiveJournal days. Check out her comics, they’re great (I highly recommend Something New as an engagement gift for couples (or just as a fun read in general).

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 71

Gravy: Get ready for Gravy’s revenge!

Fox: Sounds like something I caught at the academy cafeteria!

Gravy: You won’t find this funny!

Gravy: I’m gonna give your guild a bunch of 1-star GROWL reviews!

Fox & Boxes: WHAT?!


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