No not a 1-start GROWL review, you monster.

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Good news (everyone)! It’s officially official I’m returning to Cherry Capital Comic Con this May! I missed last year, because after getting our house I just couldn’t afford to attend. (Even though I always “make table” at the show, spending a few days in a hotel is expensive). C4 also switched to a juried artist alley, so my attending wasn’t a sure thing at the start. Thankfully, I made the cut. Stephanie and I missed hanging out with everyone at C4 last year, so we’ll be back with a vengeance (and lots of hugs).

I’m hoping to have more good news to share in the near future. I pushed myself to apply for shows and opportunities I might not have in the past. It will be a bit before I hear back, but I’ll share the news either way. I will say for certain that I am not doing Motor City Comic Con this year. I’ll explain why later, but that’s a busy weekend. I do want to apply to Cartoon Crossroads Columbus again this year. I made it to the waitlist last year, so fingers crossed.

Speaking of appearances, my next appearance is this month! In only a few weeks, actually. You can see me at the Michigan State University Comics Forum on Saturday, February 24. It is free to attend, so please come on by! This year, the MSU Comics Forum is in MSU’s Main Library. I’m excited to see how the change of venue affects the turnout.

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Comic Transcript: Foxes & Boxes – 72

Fox and Boxes: You wouldn’t!

Gravy: I would!

Cloudy: GROWL?

Boxes: ‘Guild Review of Work and Labor’!

Cloudy: …Shouldn’t that be ‘GROWAL’?

Fox: We don’t even have the chest!

Gravy: My king no longer cares about a unopenable chest from a cultist temple!
Gravy: It’s the principle!

Boxes: …Yep, unopenable…

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