After Stephanie and I moved in together, it was my first time having access to a DVR (see: cheapskate) and we quickly ran into situations like the one in this comic. Because really, if you’re going to watch ALF, it has to be in HD, right?

Follow up to my comic about having my own lawn to mow, I ended up buying a Ryobi 16″ 40v cordless lawn mower (mine came with a battery and a charger). I like it a lot, it’s perfect for our humble yard. I can mow the front and back in under a half hour and on single charge or a little less. I have two batteries, because I previously bought a Ryobi 40v string trimmer and leaf blower combo pack (which I like a lot as well).

Stephanie approved of the Ryobi lawn mower, because it’s green and looks like a spaceship: “It’s like if Buzz Lightyear had a lawn mower.”

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