You have to start somewhere, and this is certainly SOMEWHERE.


FACT: Three-Banded Giraffes are JERKS.

FACT 2: Radio DJs. Amiright?

FACT 3: I decided to try drawing comics again. These won’t be on any kind of schedule (at least for now), I will have them when I can. I missed drawing. I had a short-short lived webcomic a few years ago, and well, I kind of regret giving up on it. My old comic was political satire–I would like to get back to it again at some point–but these will just be dumb jokes.

As silly as it sounds, I had to ‘re-learn’ how to make a comic again. I forgot how I used to put them all together in Photoshop. This one was drawn on paper, inked, and scanned–which is (for now) my preferred method. For the next one, I will try to do the panels and text by in the original drawing (I do like the look of hand-drawn text). Not too happy with the ‘DJ’ in the first panel, but I have to start somewhere, I guess.

You can blame Stephanie for the ‘reticulated/three-banded’ joke. This is what happens when your girlfriend used to work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and was a docent at Potter Park Zoo. Animal trivia. All the time.

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