That’s right, Lawyer Dude, all the J.D.’s and whatnot‘s after your name can’t protect you from the spiritual shaming of Guilt Trip Ghost. I don’t know what Guilt Trip Ghost Goes to Court would be like if it was a film, but I’m imagining something like Night Court meets My Cousin Vinny meets Legally Blonde meets…uh…Ghost Dad. Sure.

Speaking of Ghost Dad, what’s up with this poster/cover image?

ghost dad cosby dvd amazon

The brain damage. Image via Amazon.

No, not why Bill Cosby is floating through the door. He’s a ghost. Ghosts travel through things (see also: busters, ghost) like walls, doors, heck sometimes they even fly spaceships and have monkey sidekicks. My concern here is with the right side of the image: the three floating heads of Ghost Dad’s very much alive kids. Are we to believe Ghost Dad turned his children into some kind of macabre totem pole?

Ghost Dad just got a heck of a lot darker.

If the idea of a spectral Bill Cosby, or spectral anyone, floating through your door, wall, or Rush tour poster  scares you silly AND you have an iPhone, consider trying this Mr. Ghost EMF Detector.


iPhone not included. DUH. Image via ThinkGeek.

This gadget lets you measure electromagnetic radiation, which ties into ghost hunting, I guess. I don’t have an iPhone, so I’m stuck looking for ghosts the old-fashioned way: with a group of meddling kids and a talking dog.

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