If there is ever a reason to stay on Facebook, it might be this: it is a great source of ideas, both directly and indirectly. With this comic the idea was very direct. Chris, of sikkday.com, post this dialogue as a status update, adding it was ‘free dialogue’ for folks to use as they saw fit. I, of course, commented with, “I’m totally using this for a comic,” and Chris gave his blessing.

Chris is half of the Montreal Sauce podcast, along with partner-in-crime Paul¹ (I was a guest on a recent episode), and the three of us went to college together. Chris now lives in the frozen wastes of Canada, while I live in the frozen wastes of Michigan. These days, we stay in touch via social media. Ain’t that special?

That’s Coffee Ghost on the poster in the background. After seeing Coffee Ghost on a coffee mug, I decided I needed to bring her back.

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¹ Parents: Paul has an app for iPhones and iPads called Typey Typey. It is a typing app for little kids.

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