More playing around in Manga Studio 5 this week (but not like last week) as I decided to try out some of the tones and what-not. If you want a great example of tones in a black and white comic, check out one of my favorite reads Octopus Pie (occasional adult language warning, kids).

Sharp eyed readers might notice a different look for the lettering this week. Well, I figured out a way to take advantage of digital lettering, while still keeping the hand-lettered look I enjoy.

I’m planning a blog post about this process, with screen grabs, but here’s the tl;dr version — I paste capitalized text using the Text tool and trace the text on another layer. This solves my word spacing and layout issues, speeds up the process, and also allows me to keep the hand-lettered look of my analog comics.

I like working digitally now, but it means re-learning how to make comics. Each comic is a lesson. I already know more than I did a couple weeks ago.

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