Hmmm, it looks like Bratty and Sardonica caused some trouble for our boys here.

The porcupine in the last panel originally said a different line, which was a bit naughty, and I dropped it in favor of a simple visual gag. He was fun to draw.

It only took me since July¹, but with this comic I realized “Oh, I could just draw my backgrounds on separate layers.” Panel backgrounds is something I want to improve upon, and this method helped me focus. The advice I read before too is, draw your backgrounds first.

I decided to drop the thick, perfect panel edges in favor of my Panels Classic™ with the wobbles and such (I just trace the pre-made panels now). I was on the fence about keeping the nice panels, and reader feedback pushed me back to the old ways.

¹ When I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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