Who says comics can’t be interactive? Pick the punch line you enjoy the most and it is like you helped make today’s strip!

The pencil guy, HB, is a new character. I came up with him while breaking in my new field sketchbook last week. I just drew a cartoony pencil guy and decided to put him in a comic. HB’s name comes from the HB type of pencil, but his initials might stand for something else! We’ll see.

If there is one thing I love making fun of, it is the over-used (and stupid) generational nickname ‘Millennial(s)’ (and speaking as one, technically). Although I do have a precedent of poking fun at ‘Baby Boomers’ too.

But hey! COMICS. That’s why we’re here, right? Throwing around film theory lingo, like in the Unexpected panel is always fun. This entire comic spawned from How to Train Your Sloth popping in my head (as a spoof of How to Train Your Dragon, the animated movie, not the original book), and the ‘kinda slow’ gag. Then I thought of other responses, and went for the ‘interactive comic’ idea.

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