This drawing was one of Stephanie’s favorites for our wedding program. I think, anyway. I remember her liking the expressions and body language here–areas I keep working on improving, especially since reading Kyle Baker’s How to Draw Stupid.

how to draw stupid baker

I like stupid. Image via Amazon.

You can read as many how to cartooning books as you want (and it helps), but it is all about just doing the The Work. The more stuff you make, the better you get. You also figure out your style–learning your style and believing in yourself to use it–are the biggest parts of any creative outlet. It is like what Nick Bertozzi talked about in his keynote address at the MSU Comics Forum (from my recap):

Bertozzi touched on perhaps the biggest course correction in his comic creating career: when, on the advice of a friend, he stopped trying to capture the superhero fan base, and made the comics he wanted to make. This echoes advice I’ve heard and read from other cartoonists and writers: tell the stories you want to tell. It is more genuine, and you likely will enjoy the process more.

So, if’n I want to draw cartoons about talking foxes making fun of poorly named candy bars, I’mma gonna do it.

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