I really enjoyed this illustration for our wedding program. I’m a fan of drawing cats, so drawing a giant cat acting as some sort of guard beast is perhaps the best thing ever. This panel is inspired by many similar scenes from Ray Harryhausen films. Giant guard beasts, with giant collars, chained to the wall–love it.

Where do you get a collar that size anyway? Amazon’s cat collar selection is somewhat lacking in the ‘giant’ department.

The giant guard kitty in this illustration is, of course, inspired by our own lovable feline, Nigel. We tried to think of a way to include our cat in the wedding, but it was for the best we didn’t (crazy crazy crazy day). Nigel the cat did miss us however, as the wedding kept us away for a couple days. After we returned from our wedding adventures, he was ever so happy to see us (Nigel purring on my lap right now as I type this).

Now that I realize all of these wedding program illustrations will take me into next week, I think I’ll just do that and work on comics for when they are done (good heavens, a buffer?).

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