Here is another illustration I did for our wedding programs. This is actually the title, and was above yesterday’s cartoon of Stephanie and I smiling hand in hand. I’ll try to post a different illustration each day this week (because why not?), including one I ended up not using in the final program. Might as well put all of that work I did on those wedding programs to use, right?

In other news, I migrated the site over to ComicEasel from ComicPress–by accident. I did not realize the latest update was a complete migration–which is my own fault, and I chalk it up to post-wedding fatigue. Fixing my site for a few hours wasn’t how I expected to plan our first full day as a married couple, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m pretty much back to 100% (thank Batman for my auto back-up to DropBox, which saved some of the overwritten code I needed).

Come back tomorrow for another wedding program illustration! (I’ll have a new comic this coming Monday, promise).

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