You guys, Microsoft Outlook, AMIRIGHT? Take my Outlook, please. Take it far, far away. Or just take me far, far away, and leave Outlook here. Why should it have all the fun?


This isn’t as much of a problem as it was about a month or so ago when I first started using Outlook (when I originally got the idea for this strip), but there is still a noticeable lag.

Granted, Gmail can occasionally take its sweet time loading when I log in, but at least my inbox is up to date.


I had a brilliant error this time around. I spelled ‘waiting‘ as ‘waitng‘ and I didn’t catch it until I was about to save the final comic for the web. Oops. It was an easy fix though, I just copied the first ‘i’ and dropped it in place.

The ‘teach our nation’s children how to read’ bit is a nod to a joke in one of my favorite absurd films, Hudson Hawk. The film has its haters, but I find every frame hilarious.

I also don’t deny my fondness for kitten photos or hockey transactions. I tweet about both from time to time.

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